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Put an end to all your colour mixing challenges with my book : Contemporary Colour Theory : Watercolor Flowers

Explore the basics of color theory and color mixing, and then apply your new skills to create your own beautiful floral watercolor paintings, step by colorful step.

Color theory and color mixing are essential topics for all artists to know, and Contemporary Color Theory: Watercolor Flowers covers both in an easy-to-follow way with simple, actionable steps that any artist can do. Learn how to: 

  • Mix paint colors

  • Avoid “dirty” mixes (those that look too brown, for example)

  • Create your own color wheel

  • Create neutral colors and pastels

  • Mix vintage colors

  • And much more

This book is ideal for all skill levels and ages, and while it focuses on watercolor, the same tips and techniques can be applied to other media as well, including acrylic, oil, and gouache.

Once you’re familiar with color theory and feel comfortable creating your own color mixes, dive into the step-by-step painting projects. Each project is done in the style seen on the author’s popular Instagram account (@thewhimsicalcreative) and features beautiful, romantic florals painted in watercolor. Learn how to paint floral wreaths, bouquets, and different types of leaves and plants.

Contemporary Color Theory: Watercolor Flowerscombines the essential topics of color theory and color mixing with watercolor painting projects for a comprehensive book that’s perfect for beginning and aspiring artists.


Discover My Online Classes

Learn to paint with me loose, joyful watercolour flowers in real time, step by step.
All of my classes are real-time and offer an in-depth look into my painting process, where I break down every concept in step by step format sp that you can apply the skills and techniques to your creative practice. The online classes are hosted on Skillshare (think of it like - Netflix but for creatives!) and are self-paced, so that you can enjoy learning from the comfort of your home.

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Edgar Degas

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